Big Ideas

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Widgetware CMS 5 is the #1 and only real -time marketing team collaboration eco-system.. Its technical expertise and Fantastic User Experience allow companies to tap the power of many marketing tools without the pain of unnessary monthly fees associated with unused services with dozens of complex technologies. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our emphasis on delivering a real-time marketing tool for teams to collaborate at the same time, exceptional customer experience, and our leadership in open standards that promote faster innovation and give customers freedom of budget movement and whitelabel reselling and up-marking. 

We are the creators of Symantis, the world’s fastest-growing opensource cloud platform reconnecting designers and developer in a community. 

We are also a pioneer in no SQL Databases, which combines the security, performance and scalability of our anchillary services. Our rapid growth over the last 5 years is the result of our technology leadership and our renowned customer service.

Want to Collaborate with Us?

Thank you for your interest in Widgetware. We’re currently taking talks with Angel Investors and Start up Incubators. If you have questions regarding an investment in our stock, please use the appropriate contact information or links below.

Investor Relations
Contact: Myles Golden / Scott Wyatt
Phone: +1-760-749-9197