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Part 4: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

There’s been many of times when the cart is put before the horse in organizations. If some of you aren’t familiar with the saying; it’s an old proverb or idiomatic “To put things in the wrong order or with the wrong priorities; to put something inconsequential as more important than something more essential.”

Part 2: The Startup Life

When it came to creating a company, I had no idea the amount of work it would be. Especially for really small start ups you’re wearing multiple hats; from sales, project management, designing, developing, administrative duties, the list goes on. If only I had two more hands, or could telepathically get things done, that would… Read more »

Part 1: The Start of the Gauntlet

This part of our blog is dedicated to our Trials and Tribulations. It is a homage to our growth and how we’ve been able to tackle things. The life of a startup can be a difficult one, that’s why 70% of startups don’t last past the 2 year mark (I’m proud to say we’ll be… Read more »

The Design Values of Widgetware CMS5

It’s long been our belief that to make a long-lasting system, we can’t set our sights on a single target. Being able to constantly work on Widgetware means we’ll never stop evolving and improving the landscape of the system.