The Design Values of Widgetware CMS5

It’s long been our belief that to make a long-lasting system, we can’t set our sights on a single target. Being able to constantly work on Widgetware means we’ll never stop evolving and improving the landscape of the system.

Hand in hand with that philosophy is our desire to improve how we communicate and to have real, meaningful dialogue, with everyone.  This is so we can stay connected to the community while also holding ourselves accountable for the changes we make.

On that note, communication is what this Development (Features) blog is about – if Widgetware is going to continue to evolve, then why shouldn’t the way we talk about the system also evolve? Specifically, how can we continue to have real, meaningful conversations?

This got us thinking that we should really sit down to establish a foundation for our talks – our values. At the center of every discussion, shared values, or knowing where we differ, are necessary for the conversation to have meaning. Also, and more importantly, we can have conversations about where we’re successful and where we need more work. With these values out in the open, our hope is that if you don’t agree with a change, you at least understand where we’re coming from.

With our values right here in the open, we can have open conversations about how we approach design at Widgetware. Better still, we can be held accountable when we make changes that aren’t in line.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, but stay tuned for in-depth articles from senior Widgetware UX designers on each core value. We’ll be updating this post as they go live!