Topic: New Features

New Feature: Archiving

Have you ever used a CRM and wished you could hide an old customer without deleting them? With CMS 5 you can! We call it archiving.  You can archive clients, websites, services, and more! Now if you and your customer part ways for awhile, you can archive them, then if you win them back, you can… Read more »

New Feature: Right Click Menus

We strongly believe in easy navigation, that’s why a lot of CMS5 is “Right Click” friendly. Now when viewing lists of your colleagues, clients, or websites, simply use your mouse and “Right Click” on it for a quick navigation menu. CMS5 right click navigation  is also “Permissions” friendly, so different levels of users permissions show different navigation… Read more »

New Feature: Client Flow

We love introducing new features, and this one is pretty neat.  Introducing  Client Flow. Client flow allows you to visually see how all of your clients, sub-clients, and websites are connected so you can better understand your billing. With CMS5 Client flow, you can better see relationships in just a quick glance. It’s also a… Read more »

The Design Values of Widgetware CMS5

It’s long been our belief that to make a long-lasting system, we can’t set our sights on a single target. Being able to constantly work on Widgetware means we’ll never stop evolving and improving the landscape of the system.